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Alfred App

From Alfreds webpage:

Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. Whether it's maps, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, you can feed your web addiction quicker than ever.

I absolutely adore this program, I have tried Butler, QuickSilver and LaunchBar in the past, but this one suits me much better. And it is dead simple to write extensions for it.

Alfred Extensions

I do make some custom searches and extensions myself. Here are some of mine that is not work specific.

Custom search

Empty your Download folder

Empty your trash bin

Move your applications where you want them to be (not finished)

Connect to a computer via VNC

Toggle WiFi on and off


Sakes Theme


Movies at the Cinema in Oslo

Find songs in Spotify


Search Clas Ohlson

Search Dustin Home

Search Komplett


Search Mac App Store

Search NZBmatrix

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