Sakarias NettJournal

Gigabytes Song

Ten little gigabytes, waithing on a line
one caugth a virus, then there were nine.

Nine little gigabytes, holding just the date,
somone jammed a writeprotect, then there were eight

Eight lillte gigabytes, should have been eleven
then they cut the budget, now there are seven

Seven little gigabytes involed in mathematics
stored an even lager prime, now there are six.

Six little gigabytes, working like a hive,
one died of overwork now there are five.

Five little gigabytes, trying to add more
plugged in the wrong lead, now there are four.

Four little gigabytes, failing frequently,
one used for spare parts, now there are three.

Three little gigabytes, have too much to do
service man on holiday, now there are two.

Two little gigabytes badly overrun,
took the work elsewhere, now just need one.

One little gigabyte, system far to small
shut the whole thing down, now there's none at all

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