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Eureka takes place in a secret town of that name inhabited entirely by the best minds in the United States. After World War II ended, Albert Einstein realized that the future belonged to science. Given the close call with the deployment of the atomic bomb, America agreed it could not risk being surpassed by other nations. With Einstein's help and that of other trusted advisors, then-President Harry S. Truman had a top-secret residential town built in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest, one that would serve to protect and nurture America's most valuable intellectual resources. There, the nation's greatest thinkers, the "über-geniuses" working on the next era of scientific achievement, would be able to live and work in a supportive environment. The best architects and planners were hired to make the town a paradise, with the best of everything for all its residents. This town would never appear on any map and be unknown to the public, except those that were authorized to learn of it. In the fifty years since the town's founding, its residents are responsible for almost every leap in science known to humanity. However, with experimentation inevitably comes failure, and over fifty years worth of trial and error they have had a number of experiments go awry. Global warming has in passing been mentioned as an example of a Eureka project gone awry. Though Eureka's residents suffer many of the same problems that ordinary towns do, having a town full of geniuses and virtually limitless resources tends to make their problems a much larger concern than those of a regular town. It has been noted that its mortality rate is twice the national average. While transporting a fugitive (who is revealed to be his rebellious teenage daughter, Zoe) back to Los Angeles, Jack Carter gets himself tangled up in the town's latest mishap, and soon ends up its new sheriff after the old one is injured on the job. Dette er da en TV-serie som heter Eureka. Akkurat nå er det bare sesong 1 som har blitt sendt, men sesong 2 er verifisert. Så jeg gleder meg utrolig til sesong 2 kommer.

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